Enjoying The Holidays During a Custody Dispute

Thanksgiving starts a very busy season for many divorce and custody lawyers and sparks challenges for many families, especially those embroiled in child custody disputes. Sometimes it is the first holiday having to share the children or alternate the children’s schedule, sometimes it’s because of fear that the other parent will not abide a previously entered agreement as to sharing the holidays, and sometimes it’s pure emotion that makes enjoying the holiday season very difficult for separated parents. With a good mindset which is focused on the children and with a sense of gratitude, it is possible to enjoy the holiday season and ensure the children enjoy their holidays which have changed for them as well.

Here are four tips to help you enjoy this holiday season:

  1. Be flexible 

Holiday parenting time plans can be very specific as to times as to when a holiday should start and end. Rather than focus on the negative such as a parent’s failure to strictly adhere to the schedule, look for the solution such as maybe offering the entire day on Thanksgiving in exchange for a full day on the weekend wherein for this year you enjoy your own holiday with the children.

     2.   Meet your own needs. 

Parents going through divorce or with custody matters often focus so much on a “win” that they forget to take care of themselves. If this is not your holiday with your children, use the time to take care of yourself.

     3.   Stay Positive and Focused on the Good

Wake up on these holidays being prepared to enjoy the day no matter what is thrown at you. This mindset will help you enjoy the little things instead of focusing on what the other parent is doing or not doing. Embrace the change and begin new traditions. Life is always a movement forward.

     4. Maintain a support system.

Surrounding yourself with family and friends who love and support you can minimize the loneliness that can be the natural result of experiencing holidays without your children or during a custody dispute.

Despite these tips, there are many times when parents require the assistance of lawyers to ensure they see and enjoy their children during the holiday season.  The experienced lawyers at the Martone Law Group can assist you in protecting your right to enjoy the holidays with your children.  Therefore, in the event you require help to see your children during the holidays, feel free to contact Kelli M. Martone, Esq. at (856) 617-6700 to schedule your consultation today.