Camden County Family Law Attorney Provides Comprehensive Counsel

New Jersey firm handles matrimonial litigation and parenting disputes

Serving Camden and Burlington counties, The Law Offices of Kelli M. Martone in Haddon Heights represents clients a full range of family law proceedings. Attorney Kelli M. Martone has handled divorces, parenting disputes, adoptions and other domestic legal issues. Blending aggressive advocacy with a compassionate demeanor, my firm is a respected leader among South Jersey family law attorneys.

Haddon Heights lawyer advises on divorce, alimony and child custody issues

Working with an accomplished family lawyer gives you the support you need to make it through challenging life changes. My firm handles various concerns, such as those pertaining to:

  • Divorce — I outline the different divorce options that exist and map out a strategy for an outcome that fulfills your objectives.
  • Alimony — If one spouse made most or all of the family’s income, my firm pursues fair terms for temporary and/or permanent alimony.
  • Child custody and support — Parenting plans covering custody and visitation should reflect the unique needs of sons and daughters as well as fostering parent-child relationships. Through meaningful discussions with my clients, I create a plan tailored to each family situation, covering time sharing, legal authority and other matters. My firm also presses for fair child support terms based on the parties’ income and other factors. When full payment is not made in a timely manner, I advise custodial parents on income interception and other enforcement possibilities.

As a South Jersey attorney with more than 15 years of experience, I can identify and implement solutions that will help you overcome obstacles as you look toward the future.

Dedicated litigator represents clients in paternity actions

Establishing paternity is necessary in some instances to establish parental rights and responsibilities. When parents are not married and there is no conflict regarding legal fatherhood, the parents can execute a Certificate of Parentage to accompany the birth certificate. If a dispute exists, a mother can file an Allegation of Paternity, which would lead to genetic testing to determine if the named man is the biological father. Should paternity be proven, the father will be liable for child support. Likewise, a man who believes he is the father may wish to bring court action so he can obtain custody and visitation rights. If you have a question or concern regarding the establishment of legal fatherhood in New Jersey, I can help.

Skillful lawyer guides families through the adoption process

Adoption offers the joy and challenge of bringing a child into your home. However, New Jersey has detailed rules for this process. Whether you’re interested in a private adoption of a child you don’t yet know or are considering adopting a step-child, grandchild or other family member, my firm offers knowledgeable guidance from start to finish. I advise families on application drafting, collection of background-check materials and preparation for the home inspection. Placement within a home can take several months and another six months is required to finalize the legal process. If you’re adopting a child from another country, the wait might be longer.

Thorough adviser works to create fair, enforceable prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements give prospective spouses the opportunity to set clear boundaries regarding property division and spousal support should the marriage end up in divorce. Postnuptial agreements, created after the couple is married, are aimed at the same goals. These documents aren’t just for wealthy people concerned about safeguarding substantial assets. When a couple wants to end their marriage, the extra burden and cost associated with determining property division and alimony terms makes a tough situation worse. An enforceable agreement helps parties protect themselves and avoid unnecessary aggravation.

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The Law Offices of Kelli M. Martone advises clients in Camden County, Gloucester County, Cape May County, Atlantic County, & Burlington County on all types of family law matters. For an appointment, please call 856-432-4587 or contact me online. My office is conveniently located in Haddon Heights serving the surrounding areas of Haddonfield, Haddon Township, Tavistock, Voorhees, Collingswood, Bellmawr, Barrington, and Runnemede.