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Haddon Heights attorney handles property, custody and spousal support matters

Located in Haddon Heights, The Law Offices of Kelli M. Martone provides strong representation for residents of Camden and Burlington counties who are divorcing their spouses. Attorney Kelli M. Martone has 15 years of legal experience and delivers knowledgeable advice on New Jersey laws relating to property division, child custody, alimony and child support. My firm works with each client personally and will take the time to learn about your values and goals so you can understand your options and make critical decisions with confidence.

What are grounds for divorce in New Jersey?

Divorce is tough, but my capable counsel can get you through the process while safeguarding your rights and well-being. I start by making sure clients understand the laws that apply to their situation such as those relating to:

  • Grounds — State residents can file for a “no fault” divorce if the marriage has been broken down for at least six months with no hope for reconciliation or the parties have lived apart for at least 18 months. You can also file for divorce on one of the following fault-based grounds: adultery, addiction, desertion, deviancy, extreme cruelty, incarceration or institutionalization.
  • Alimony — New Jersey authorizes five different types of spousal support. These payments can be agreed to by the parties or awarded by a judge to a husband or wife who requires financial assistance while a divorce is pending and/or after the marriage has been dissolved. Frequently, spousal support is ordered for a limited period of time so that a person who did not work outside the home can manage the transition to single life and establish the ability to earn a sufficient income.
  • Issues specific to same-sex divorce — Though the legal process associated with same-sex divorce is no different, there are particular concerns that these couples face. For example, if spouses have been together for many years before same-sex marriage was made legal, this may merit consideration in alimony and property division determinations.

From start to finish, you can rely on me to vigorously pursue a result that puts you in the best possible position financially and emotionally.

What are the differences between divorce and separation?

Unlike some other states, New Jersey does not recognize a legal separation. However, you and your spouse may wish to remain married while living apart. If you’re seeking this type of arrangement for religious, financial or health-related reasons, my firm can assist you in the preparation of a settlement agreement. This document addresses important issues such as custody, child support and alimony. Decisions about who will be responsible for specific expenses, such as family health insurance premiums, are also included in the agreement. Formal settlement terms can also protect you in case your spouse incurs debts after you have decided to live separately.

Knowledgeable lawyer advises on divorce issues relating to children

Parents who divorce face particular challenges as they attempt to work out child custody, visitation and child support arrangements along with the other facets of their breakup. While I assist mothers and fathers in making sure that their rights and interests are protected, I also propose solutions that put the children’s needs first. This usually means making every possible effort to reach consensus with a co-parent and establishing a parenting plan that encourages long-term honesty and cooperation. However, if the only way to reach a proper resolution is to go court, I am willing to do so in the establishment of initial orders as well is in cases where modifications or enforcement may be required.

Protecting your property rights in your New Jersey divorce

Divorcing spouses who cannot agree on a division of martial property will have their assets and debts allocated by the court under New Jersey’s equitable distribution law. This means a judge determines what is fair. The value of assets distributed to each side will not necessarily be equal. I will guide you through the process, first explaining which items will be considered marital property. Other assets and debts, known as separate property, remain with the individual and are not subject to equitable distribution. My firm gathers all of the necessary information and develops a sound strategy aimed at securing an appropriate decision from the court.

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