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How Are a Child’s Preferences Weighed in Custody Decisions?

Parents involved in child custody disputes often have strong opinions about where their child should live and how much visitation time the other parent should get. Sometimes a child has Read More

Terms to Include — and Not to Include — in a Prenuptial Agreement

Despite the fact that roughly half of first marriages and an even greater percentage of second and third marriages end in divorce, many people do not have prenuptial agreements. Whether Read More

How a Spouse’s Dissipation of Marital Assets Can Affect Equitable Distribution

Getting divorced can bring out the worst in people. In the knowledge that the marriage is ending, a spouse might decide to go on a spending spree, burning through marital Read More

Can I Move Out of New Jersey With My Children?

In New Jersey, and pursuant to N.J.S.A. 9:2-2, children may not be removed out of New Jersey without the consent of both parents, unless the court, upon cause shown, shall Read More

Do I Need a Lawyer To Divorce?

First, filing for divorce is usually a difficult decision to begin with. Therefore, filing for divorce on your own and without a lawyer can make the process more difficult by Read More

Harassment By Social Media: Impact On Divorce & Domestic Violence

For good or for bad, and in all areas of life, social media and the use of Facebook,Twitter, Instragam and other platforms is here to stay. While, it is nice Read More

Divorcing an Abusive Spouse in New Jersey

If you've been a victim of spousal abuse in New Jersey and have decided on divorce, there are laws in place to help keep you and your children safe. This Read More

Can I Force My Children To See Me After Divorce?

For the earlier part of my career, when asked the question “will the court force mychildren to come for parenting time”, my answer would be generally yes, with the suggestion Read More

What Divorced Parents Need to Know About Relocating With Children

After a divorce, it’s not uncommon for a parent holding primary custody to make the decision to relocate with their children. Any custody order entered into in New Jersey may Read More

How Parent Coordinators Can Help Resolve Child Custody Issues

Parenting coordination can be a useful way of overcoming disagreements about child custody issues in a divorce. By this method, parents seek the help of a neutral consultant whose focus Read More

Deciding Who Gets the Family Pet in a Divorce

Many people consider their pets to be part of the family, which can lead to contentious disputes over who gets a pet when a couple divorces. Unfortunately, the law sees Read More

Holidays Post-Divorce: Stress Free Turkey Day

With Thanksgiving coming up, it is time to think about holidays post-divorce.  Holidays can be extremely difficult for families just recently divorced and navigating the first year of these holidays Read More

5 Recommended Books For Divorcing Spouses

Divorce is primarily viewed as a war over finances and custody. What is generally missing in so many cases is the triggered emotions that a divorce brings out and the Read More

How Abuse and Neglect Affects Divorce and Custody Terms

Every child deserves to be safe in their home. They also deserve to have loving relationships with their parents. Terrible physical and emotional harm can result when a parent abuses Read More

Substance Abuse as Grounds for Divorce

An addiction to drugs or alcohol is capable of destroying a marriage. While many New Jersey divorces are granted on a no-fault basis, spouses are still permitted to dissolve their Read More

Dividing Property in a High Net Worth Divorce

Property division can be a contentious issue in any divorce, and more so when there are substantial assets involved. High net worth divorce cases typically involve millions of dollars in Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 55 posts


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