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10 Common Steps in New Jersey Divorce Proceedings

1. File the Complaint for Divorce and Answer and Counterclaim The divorce process is initiated by filing the Complaint for Divorce and upon return of the filed Complaint with a court Read More

Divorce: The End or New Beginning? You Decide.

Beginnings can start invisibly or they can be explosive. The end of a marriage will in theory always throw you into a new beginning, of course, depending on perspective. Divorce Read More

Free Consultations to For First Responders and Medical Personnel

The Martone Law Group is incredibly grateful for our physicians, nurses, police officers, firemen and other first responders who are working the front lines of this COVID-19 pandemic. We want Read More

Will My Jeans Fit? And other sh*t that used to matter to me before Covid-19

Ironically, as heartbreaking and debilitating the impact of COVID-19 has been on our county, including my friends, family, and so many people that I love, for someone who suffers at Read More

Where is everyone at? Reasons Some Friends Abandon You During Divorce

Divorce and separation comes with many forms of pain and loss including at times the loss of friends. In fact, the loss of friends and other close people comes so Read More

Hurting Feelings During Divorce: To Respond or Not

No matter what your position you have in life, no matter what relationships you have, the actions of others can sometimes hurt you. This is no different during the divorce Read More

Divorce: I Didn’t Sign Up For This

How many times in our lives do we self-talk and hear ourselves saying “I didn’t sign up for this? Why me?” We all tend to say or feel this anytime Read More

Healing From Heartbreak

For most of us, the loss of relationships creates heartache. This can include feelings of worthlessness, blame, incredible self-doubt, and sometimes and overall and generalized panic which causes us to Read More


“It is said that is easier to forgive an enemy that forgive a friend.” William Blake While there are many blogs and many articles which discuss the financial, custody and other “legal” Read More


Waiting for something awesome to happen simply means waiting. Absent movement and change, nothing awesome happens.   Sadly, we often forget that without struggle there is no change. We as Read More


Parenting can be difficult even in an in-tact household wherein even residing together the time spent together as parents, uninterrupted in thought and time for discussion, results in many discussions Read More

Experts In Divorce: Do I Need One?

It is no secret that divorce proceedings, especially those involving contested issues of custody and high-end financial matters, can be very expensive and may involve more than just the parties Read More

Opioid Crisis and Custody Issues

The opioid epidemic spares no one and as family law and custody lawyers we are faced with this issue almost weekly if not more. At times it is our client’s Read More


A popular saying or belief in life is “if you think the world is out to get you, it probably is.” The same logic however can be, “if you think Read More

Alimony: How long do I have to pay?

In New Jersey identifies four types of alimony (spousal support) that supporting spouses may be obligated to pay if the facts of the case warrant alimony and/or spousal support at all. These Read More


The financial and emotional stressors of a divorce are in many ways obvious. Parties may be required (financially) to remain in the same house despite their turmoil, resulting in ongoing Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 38 posts